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White Belt

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White Belt

Essentially when you get your Dobuk your instructor will issue you with your first belt ‘White Belt’.

In the pages prior to this you would have observed that ‘White Belt’ signifies innocence, as that of the beginning student who has no previous knowledge of Taekwon-Do.


So your first exercise will be to learn your beginner stances and sine-wave which you will need to be proficient at to progress further up the ranks. You will also learn the basic kicks, punches and blocks to pass your first pattern requirement which is Chon-Ji. There are two exercise patterns which you will learn first.



Sajo Jirugi – Four way punch

Sajo Makgi – Four way block



These exercise patterns are shown on the next two pages, in addition you should learn the basic

requirements page.



New Techniques


  1. Sitting stance, middle punch

Annun sogi, kaunde jirugi

  1. Walking stance, front leg swing

Gunnun sogi, ap chaolligi

  1. Walking stance, middle punch (x4 times walking forward)

Gunnun sogi, baro jirugi

  1. Walking stance, low section block

Gunnun sogi, najunde makgi

  1. Walking stance, middle section block

Gunnun sogi, kaunde makgi

  1. Walking stance, middle section block, reverse punch

                        Gunnun sogi, kaunde makgi, bandae jirugi

Patterns: Sajo Jirugi


Patterns: Sajo Makgi



New Techniques Learn these for your grading