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Great detail

30 June 2023

I used this site in preparation for my black belt grading and found it very helpful with the depth of information and detailing in the videos.

Aaron Deane

Website & remote learning.

23 March 2023

This website teaches so much more than kicking, punching, blocks and breaks. Mr. Ng. teaches valuable life lessons through his patterns and instruction. I also love that he defines and talks about each move. Couldn’t be happier!

Anna Friecha Germany.

Respect & Honor

12 March 2023

I think that this martial arts website teaches lots of great life lessons like respect. It provides a great workout with fun classes. You also learn to defend yourself, if needed. This website is one of the best martial arts websites you will ever go to. The instructor and students are also very good. This website will help you develop great skills, and is exciting and fun, would love to go to his Do-Jang, but im to far away in Brasil.

Jamie G.

Kildare Taekwon-do Website is the No1. Taekwon-do Site.

3 March 2023

I joined with my kids in studying TaeKwon-Do with Mr. Ng’s online video’s during Covid. The website and tutorials is nothing short of amazing! Great instruction AND fantastic life lessons in respect and honor. I highly recommend this website.

Paul McQuire

Thankyou for your great teaching.

22 February 2023

Mr. Ng, and his leadership team are amazing, I can see such a difference in my son since he has started TKD, following these lessons online have helped greatly.

Sarah Kelly